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A healthy environment is not coincidental – it depends on all of us.

In Berchtesgaden there is the only Alpine National Park in Germany and our beautiful surroundings are probably the reason why the protection of our environment and our natural resources are so important to us.

In all our decisions we take care to act environmentally sound. We are committed to improving our eco balance and therefore, in March 2011 we reformed the energy supply of Schnurr GmbH. The centrepiece of the new energy source is a compressor with 18kW heat recovery and a gas-powered combined heat and power unit with a thermal output of 60 kWh and 30 kWh electrical output. Due to this unit we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 72 % in summer and by 35 % in winter.
‘An investment which will pay for itself in the near future and which makes you feel that you have done something for the environment by not having used fossil fuels.’ Stefan Schmid, CEO.
Furthermore, energy optimization is vitally important when purchasing new machines. Our new Engel machine for instance, has a connected load of 10 kWh, whereas a similar, conventional machine has about 30 kWh. 
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