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The customer is our employer, quality our mission and long-term sustainability our goal.

Employees are the most important factor of success for our company; therefore we invest a lot in their training. Team spirit and colleagueship are of great importance to us.
Transparency, openness and honesty towards our customers, suppliers and employees create business confidence and are indispensable for a good collaboration.
The customer is the ultimate benchmark and only if you are enthusiastic we are contented. Consequent customer orientation is the focus of all our actions.
The protection of natural resources and the environment is of the utmost importance to us, therefore we are constantly improving our eco balance.
We assume our social responsibility and offer job possibilities for young trainees, support social projects in our region and stand up for our community.
Quality is not a condition but a process that has to be improved constantly.
Continuous innovations and the motivation to improve ourselves are our daily challenges. Future success can only arise from advancement today.


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